Dara & Justin / Castle Hill Inn Wedding Photography

October 16, 2021

Venue: Castle Hill Inn | Florist: Fig and Squill | Makeup: Jessica D’Amore | Videography: Yours Truly Media | Cake: Confectionery Designs | Dress: The White Magnolia | Tux: Men’s Wearhouse

Detail wide shot of Castle Hill Inn exterior on gloomy day
Detail shot of Castle Hill Inn sign fir Lodging and Dining
Detail shot of calligraphy letters earrings heals and rings
Detail shot of letters earring and engagement ring with wedding band and light bouquet
Groom getting help getting ready putting on bow tie
Groom putting vest by the window and Groomsmen assisting putting pocket square in
Closeup of Groom opening gift from Bride
Groom reacting to Bride's personal Letter in dark room
Closeup of Groom and Groomsmen with watches on
Bride about to get hair done Getting Ready
Bride sitting and looking at wedding dress about to get ready
Portrait of Bride by the window before getting ready
Bride sitting by window reading letter from Groom
Bride getting ready putting on earrings with dress on
Mother helping Bride put bracelet on her getting ready
Bride reading letter from Groom after Getting Ready
Bride showing off earrings in hotel room
Bridesmaid helping Bride a=extend wedding dress train by the window
Bride walking outside with Bridesmaids helping with wedding train
Bride about to walk into a trolley with bridesmaids helping with wedding train
Bride looking out at Father by the waterside by the dock
Father turning to see Bride in wedding dress by waterside
Father's reaction to seeing Bride in wedding dress
Father shedding tears as he sees Bride in wedding dress by the water
Groom standing with Officiant awaiting for Ceremony to begin
Father and Bride arm in arm entering the outdoor Ceremony together
Groom seeing Bride approaching Ceremony alter with Father
Father and Bride hugging for hand off for outdoor Ceremony
Wide shot of Bride and Groom hand in hand for Ceremony with Guests listening
Bride and Groom hand in hand during Officiant's Homily for outdoor waterside Ceremony
Just married Bride and Groom kissing for outdoor Ceremony
Just married Bride and Groom kissing for outdoor Ceremony halfway through exit
Bride and Groom with extended family for family portrait
Bride and Bridesmaids holding small light bouquets by the water
Groom and groomsmen standing in formal formation
Bride and Groom looking at each other and beginning to walk with wedding party beside them
Bride holding Groom's hand leading him up staircase on the rocky cliffside
Bride and Groom kissing by the rocky cliffside
Closeup of Bride while she holds Groom by the water
Bride and Groom hugging each other by the rocks and stairs on cliffside
Bride and Groom facing opposite directions and Bride holding arm
Bride holding up wedding dress train with Groom assisting
Closeup of Bride and Groom kissing
Groom holding Bride from behind by the the small lighthouse
Closeup of Groom holding Bride's wedding dress
Bride and Groom holding hands and walking on grassy field
Bride holding each other and resting on each other
Wide below shot of Bride and Groom looking and holding each other on the sand with dress flowing
Bride wearing personalized "Mrs" jean jacket
Detail shot of menu and classic old fashion wedding cake
Detail shot of Rhode Island postcard with wedding bands and engagement ring on it
Bride and Groom holding each other for First dance fir indoor formal Reception
Bride and Groom cutting wedding cake together
Bride and Groom wiping off cake knife and laughing for Reception
Bride and Groom sitting and raising their glasses for the cheers
Bride sitting and handing bouquet to little boy by sweetheart table
Bride and Groom sitting at corner sweetheart table while listening to Maid of Honor speech
Best man giving speech during Ceremony
Bride and Groom sitting at sweetheart table and laughing
Closeup of Father and Daughter dancing at Reception
Mother son dance at Reception
Nighttime silhouette of Bride and Groom touching their noses
Nighttime silhouette of Bride and Groom touching their noses
Bride being lifted up by Groom and family during Reception
Groom being lifted up in chair by family during Reception

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